Who Is Rose Ackerman?

I am a young professional starting on a journey of creative discovery through experiences and projects. 
I want to learn and grow in self-development, and build my portfolio and network along the way. 
My love of film started at the bright age of 12
when I saw The Lord of the Rings for the first time and thought,
“I could do that.” 
I began making short films when I was 15,
most of them for college scholarships before I decided
college was a stupid decision for me.
Fast forward four years. I’m living in a Southern city with a population
of around 135,000 residents, trying to prove to the world
that I’m someone different.

This desire to become more successful and intentional
led me to apply to Praxis in 2017. I started the program in November 2018. 
I believe this experience will challenge me to stop dreaming
about the professional world and actually become a part of it.
This will lead me to making something out of my filmmaking dream.

Some people who have given me inspiration along the way:
Evan Edinger
DissociaDID and MultiplicityandMe
Rhett and Link
PJ Liguori
Owl City