My Walking Streak

You may have noticed a little widget on the side of my blog here. It’s titled: My Walking Streak.

This started a couple weeks ago when I decided to change my life. I wanted to take control of my health in a tangible, realistic way that wasn’t too revolutionary. Going cold turkey with something has never worked for me; it’s best to start with little, every day changes that can lead to a better me.

Thus: a walking challenge.

Every day, I go on a 20-30 minute walk. If it’s been a tiring day, I go for 20 minutes; if I’m restless and can’t get rid of my energy, 30-40 minute walks have happened.

The results?

It has been amazing.

Physically, moving around and not sitting down all day has given me more energy and I feel healthier. Mentally, I get to clear my head while I walk, whether that’s by calling a family member or friend, or listening to music or a podcast. I feel myself more mentally aware, and fresh air does a wonder for your soul.

As of today’s post, I have gone on a walk every day for the past fifteen days. This has included two separate nights where my “walk” was 20 minutes pacing my bedroom floor before going to bed (it was at 1 A.M. one of those nights). But that still counts.

So far, I haven’t had any reason not to fulfill this goal. I still managed to follow it over this past weekend, when I moved across town. I have managed to do it even after eight-hour shifts in a restaurant kitchen.

However, I’m inserting a contingency here, for my own sanity:

I am allowing Streak Freezes for myself.

Have you ever used DuoLingo?
In the DuoLingo Shop, you can buy Streak Freezes, for just 200 gems each. It means that for one full day of inactivity, you will not lost your Streak.

I like that idea. So I’m taking it and implementing it with my walking goal.

The only time I will use this Streak Freeze is when I’m so sick, I cannot bear to walk for 20 minutes. A minor cold won’t hold me back. But if I’m sick in bed, you better believe I’m using a Streak Freeze.

Why am I putting this on here? Why am I letting you know about my goals?

Good question.

Because it will keep me accountable. Even though right now, no one is following my blog. It will still keep me accountable, because if I don’t fulfill it, I have to come to my website and delete the “My Walking Streak” widget. And this post.

(Actually, I wouldn’t do that. I would make a post about how I lost my streak, but that’s too sad and I don’t want to face that.)

And maybe it will inspire you to achieve more. Maybe a little thing that I am doing will help you feel like you can achieve more with your life, even if it seems like little, seemingly unimportant things. You’ve got this: the little things matter.

 Now, I know that life happens. I don’t know how long I will be able to sustain this. But I’m going to try for as long as I possibly can. And I will forgive myself if I don’t manage to keep it up.

But you better believe I am going to try.

And so far, it’s working. I have no reason to think it’ll stop now.

So here’s to traveling because it’s good for you, even if you’re only going around your little neighborhood. 

And here’s to achieving, because that’s what I’m about.

Let’s do this.

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