Give An Ear to the Unheard Voice

There is a popular voice. One that everyone hears. The one that everyone recognizes when it enters the room. The one that everyone is so familiar with, it’s just natural, it just makes sense. Maybe not everyone agrees with this voice, but the general populace at least tolerates and understands it.


This is the voice of the majority.


The voice of the majority can say anything. It has strength in numbers. By definition, the majority is going to have the most support. It’s not unpopular, it’s not countercultural. It may be new and on the rise, but it’s still the majority. And everyone listens to the majority.


But what about the little voice?


The little quiet voice in all of our heads. It doesn’t scream like our feelings. It doesn’t claim dominance like our pride. In an argument shout match, this little voice sits in the back seat.  Waiting for the time when the other voices have had their say and lost their strength. When everyone else is hoarse, the little voice pipes up.


Quietly, gently. Not obtrusively, and if we’re not careful, we can go our all lives without hearing it.

It’s so easy for the little quiet voice to become the unheard voice. 

Just like the minority in the crowd has a lot to say but can’t drown out the majority, our little voice needs to be heard but no one wants to listen. 


For us Christians, this quiet voice can be the very voice of God.


We are called to be counter-cultural. Anyone who thinks Christianity is the friendliest of religions is wrong. Yes, we are called to love. More importantly, though, we are called to spread the truth because the truth will set you free. But that doesn’t make it popular. In fact, it’s not.


The voices of the world are loud. Sin, culture, our own minds, and hearts. There is good in the world, but too often the good is stifled by the loud voices of cruelty, hate, fear, and anger. Racism, sexism. And all kinds of other isms. They’re wrong but they’re loud. So, so loud.


So I want to take the time to listen to that small voice, that quiet voice that doesn’t sound above the crowds. God could use a megaphone or write his name in the sky, but usually, He uses the quiet and calm promptings of the Holy Spirit to challenge us. Sincerely, but quietly. 


And if we don’t try, if we don’t think about it, if you don’t make a point to listen, you will forget. You will not hear His quiet, gentle promptings. In fact, it’s easy to drown it out with how loud the voices of the world are. 

But you need to. 

Because that quiet voice and gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit are becoming the unheard voices of the world. As culture moves on from Christian values, now more than ever, it’s important to listen. 

So what are you doing today to hear that voice? What does that look like for you?


I’m taking up memorizing scripture again. I haven’t done this since AWANA age back when there was an award for it. But now there isn’t any kind of award, beyond the one of knowing the words of God in my heart. Somewhere no one can take it away from me. Knowing the words that give me the ability to better hear that quiet voice…


That’s a good enough award for me.

What’s your award for listening to the world?

Are you going to listen to it? Or are you going to give an ear to the unheard voice?

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