Be Thou My Vision — A Lesson in Hope

“Be Thou my Vision, oh Lord of my heart. Naught be all else to Me, save that Thou art…”
Be Thou My Vision
(my favorite version)

What does it mean for God to be My Vision? How can I make sure He is always in my sights, always leading the way and I am not trusting in myself?

I think the key to God being my Vision is two-fold: 

I must trust Him. And I must Hope in Him. 

As to trust…

“You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies…” 

— Psalm 23:5a

What does this mean? This means that in the midst of the trial, God is preparing a table for me. In the middle of a conflict, God is preparing a way. In the middle of the dark tunnel, God is building a light. A Light that shines out brighter than anything else. His Light. How brightly Jesus does shine.

“On the night that he was betrayed, He took bread…”

— 1 Corinthians 11:23

Did you catch that? He took bread on the night he was betrayed. Right before he went into certain doom — which He knew He was walking into — He took bread. A table, in the presence of His enemies.

Take heart, and take bread in Him, in the midst of the fight.

This requires trust.

We cannot step into the dark if we do not trust God. We must not lie to ourselves and say we just don’t trust the dark. Of course, we don’t trust the dark. Of course, we’re afraid of what the future will bring. But that doesn’t matter. God says, “You are to trust in Me.” No matter what, we are to trust Him. 

Be Thou my Vision. When we’re in the dark, we stumble and fall. But He is our Light. He is our Vision.

There is no one who does not sin. Not one.  

What has been my sin of late? Trying to take charge, chart my own course, take the helm. I have been trusting in myself, hoping for my own strength to be enough, for my own heart to lead well.

Yet… be Thou my Vision. That song keeps coming back into my life. It played on my phone this morning. They were singing it as I walked into church today. It keeps replaying in my head.

I think God is trying to tell me something.

What has He been teaching you, o ye of little faith?

He is teaching me that He is the One who I should be following, not my own heart.
We can’t see where He is leading us. I don’t know His plan. But I should trust in Him.

Jesus, my Lord, and Savior, He holds me fast. I can trust Him.

As to hope…

There is peace and security when you come to God. You’re saved, and you find God’s love. But inevitably, you will be tossed and turned in the sea. There will come a time where peace and security fail. Those feelings will disappear.

But Hope, faith — that is all we have left. When the world is falling apart, we can only hope.

We don’t have the best track record. We’re just like Israel. Everything is going well, so then we turn away. We assume we can do it alone. But when life fails, we turn back.

I used to be proud that I followed God when life was difficult. I didn’t worry that I forgot Him when things were going well. I turned to Him when life was hard. That’s what I’m supposed to do, right?

I’m no better than Israel. 

“Even the demons believe… and shudder.”

How am I better than even the demons if I believe in God?

Because I put my hope in God. I put my faith in God. I trust and lean on Him when the world around me is crumbling to pieces.

That’s the point. We are to trust in Him. We are to Hope in Him. Be Thou my Vision. He is the only One we can trust in the end. He is the only One where we can find Hope.

My word for this year is hope. 

The key to hope is that it is there when everything else fails.

The point of having hope in God is that you trust Him no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if your life is falling apart. It doesn’t matter if you have everything together.

What matters is you have hope. Not what is happening, or the changes. Feelings change. What matters is I find my hope in God.

I can trust Him.

But God is calling us to a deeper level than simple trust.

We are called to hope.

I am called to a life of hope.

Be thou my Vision. 

Be thou my Hope.

Be that the lesson I learn this year.

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