You Should Try Writing Copy for a Mock Service

So you want to be a good copywriter?

Good. That’s a noble goal.

What are you going to do to get there?

Here’s a suggestion:
Just do it.

Find a service or product you’re passionate about.

Then write it as if it’s the last thing that could save your career. That kind of ultimatum can inspire the best copywriting.


Here’s an example:


This is a mock service. Obviously, it’s never going to be a real service. But it’s about something that I love: my cat. And that’s the point.


Cat for Hire (The Mrs. Hudson Service)

You want a cat.

But you don’t have the time for the commitment. What you need is a cat that can fend for herself but still love you from time to time.

You need

Mrs. Hudson

“I’ve been in the cat business my whole life. I don’t care to be friendly. I don’t want to be with other pets. I’m here for you if you seriously need it, but if you’re not dying, I’ll be sleeping on your sweater.” — Mrs. Hudson

Set up a call with Mrs. Hudson

Sick of over-friendly cats? Don’t want a dog because they take too much time?

Mrs. Hudson is for you.

Don’t believe us?

Here’s why according to other people:

Mrs. Hudson was an excellent snooty. Completely satisfied. I would recommend her to anyone who just wants a cat presence in their house. 
— Mama J, fellow cat owner

Set up a call with Mrs. Hudson.


I doubt the essence of the Mrs. Hudson service would sell on the internet. But the copywriting could do it. If a “cat for hire” was for real, Mrs. Hudson would sell. Why? Because in that short page, I showed you:

What the product is and that you want it and need it.

Why the product I’m offering you is exactly what you’re looking for.

Proof that this product has worked in the past.

And ultimately, a call to action.


What do you think? Do you think I hit the mark? Or would you never give Mrs. Hudson the time of day?

Let me know.

And then show me what you could sell.

2 thoughts on “You Should Try Writing Copy for a Mock Service”

  1. This is hilarious and awesome. The mock service I think of first that I could sell would be something like a “Gardener for Hire.” For example:
    You want more green in your life. More peaceful moments spent with buzzing bees and flowers nodding in the breeze. But your schedule ~ and your wardrobe ~ precludes digging in the dirt. What you need is a Gardener for Hire. Bring in the best! Rebekah Olson will dig in the dirt for you, weed out your weeds, and plant color and beauty in your yard. Whether your space is compact or wide open, Rebekah will put her green thumb to work for you. Hire her now to create a haven for birds, butterflies, and people too, in your own backyard!

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