What I Learned from Rewatching a Childhood Favorite

Yesterday evening, I watched The Aristocats with my family. It was my favorite when I was about three years old, but I haven’t watched it much since. 

Boy, how things have changed.

The Aristocats is not the kind of movie I would usually choose to watch as an eighteen-year-old. But I learned a few things from rewatching this childhood favorite.

You pick up on things you didn’t notice before.

There’s a scene in The Aristocats where Uncle Waldo, a goose is drunk. He was sent to a facility to be plucked and stuffed, then basted in white wine. Upon meeting him, one of the other characters comments, “Basked? He’s been marinated in it!”

I found that funnier than I should.

And it wasn’t the kind of thing I would pick up on as a kid. As well as the fact that Thomas O’Malley proposes to Duchess — which the kittens picked up on and I didn’t — and pretty much any of the lines said in a French accent. Didn’t get it. At all.

Things aren’t ever how you remembered.

There was a whole scene in The Aristocats I’d completely forgotten. And a few lines I completely misunderstood as a kid that now make a lot more sense. It’s interesting to see something with the eyes of an adult when the last time was when you were a child. It’s fascinating to see how you process things differently. Which the next point has to do with…

It’s easier for you to notice the big picture and the details. 

I have a hard time seeing the big picture just in life in general, but especially when I was a kid. I didn’t get the point of the story, at all. Anything subtle. Anything implied. Didn’t get a bit of it. And now, as I was watching The Aristocats, I began to pick up on the underlying messages: elite society, tramps, crazy cat ladies… there’s much more in this story than what I picked up on as a kid. It was interesting to see what you didn’t understand when you were little.

You better appreciate childhood and its memories.

As I watched The Aristocats, I could think of how I felt as a kid watching it. I can suddenly picture my siblings when they were young, and I can remember all the comments they used to make when we watched this movie. I appreciate all those little things I took for granted as a kid. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie with a group of my siblings. Who knew I would miss their annoying little comments?

It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. 

At the end of the movie, I leaned back on the couch, smiled, and cuddled with my cat. And that was the best ending to the day.

What was your childhood favorite movie? Have you watched it again since then? I encourage you to do so. And when you do, tell me how it went and what you noticed. 

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