Use The Resources You Have Right Now

How many times have you heard someone tell you, “I can’t do that right now because I don’t have the resources”? How many times have you said it yourself?

Saying you can’t achieve your dreams because you don’t “have the resources” is stupid.

Fact: You have the internet.

Fact: You have family and/or friends.

And also fact: You have yourself: your creativity, your brains, your experiences, your knowledge, and whatever else that you have at your disposal.

So maybe your dream is to become a better writer.

Okay. So what are you writing?

You can become a better writer every day. And no, I’m not saying that as a clickbait-y title. It’s the truth. If you want to be a better writer, do something to become better.

Maybe take part in a 30-day blogging challenge. Maybe commit to submitting an article to one third-party publisher every week. (Or do both.)

But don’t tell me you can’t become a better writer because you don’t have the resources. That’s absurd. 

 “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

— E.B. White

Maybe you want to be a filmmaker someday.

Okay. What films are you making?

Grab a camera (or even your phone). Grab a friend. Throw them in front of said camera with a quick script and see what happens. Write up a script based on a song. Find a place in your town that will let you film and base the story on that location. You have a town, you have a phone, and you have friends. You also have yourself, so don’t get all namby-pamby and be afraid to put yourself on camera. 

The quality isn’t the point; the point is that you’re making a film.


Don’t tell me about what you want to do with your life. 

And don’t tell me how in five years time when you live in Nashville you’ll start writing music.



Start writing now. Start filming now. Start fulfilling your dreams now. Because you have the resources to do it and if you’re seriously passionate about it… why would you want to wait?

Use the resources you have right now. Because you don’t know what will happen in a years’ time. If you keep using the excuse of “I don’t have the resources”, you’ll never get anything done.

So stop complaining.

And go get something done.

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