3 Underrated Characters in Movies

How many people in your life make you cry?

How many make you laugh?

How about dream?

Do you lose sleep over them? How many can you think about obsessively?

Do they make you wonder? Cringe?

It’s in the power of the filmmaker to create characters who do that to you. 

That feel as much like flesh and blood as you do.

There are bigger than life personalities everywhere in the movies.

But what I think is sometimes ignored are those little characters who add something to the bigger ones. There are “little people” everywhere. Without them, the heroes couldn’t be who they are. They couldn’t make it to the end.

These are underrated characters.

But no more.

Here are three characters that I think need to be more appreciated. They add to our stories. Let’s appreciate their little moments. 

The frank old man 

Example: Arthur Abbott in The Holiday. Nothing can keep him from honesty. He tells one of the movie’s characters, “You, I can tell, are a leading lady. But for some reason, you’re acting like the best friend.” He gives hard advice, the needed push for the girl to realize she can stand on her own. He doesn’t mince words. But you can tell he cares so he becomes quite endearing. Why don’t we have more of these characters? They can add so much. 

The cute married couple

Example: Peter and Elizabeth Burke in White Collar. These two have been married for years and they’re happy and content in their relationship. Their marriage is based on a mutual sense of appreciation and honesty. They love each other’s quirks. Instead of having so many messed up romantic relationships with all their dramas, can we have a few more couples who are simply cute together? 

The random unimportant character who smiles and glares 

Example: Rose in You’ve Got Mail. Okay, this isn’t an important character at all. We barely ever even get a name for characters like these. But I think they add little moments of personality. All that Rose’s character does is simple: she smiles at the male lead because he’s kind to her, and then shows annoyance at the female lead because she isn’t considerate. It’s not important. It doesn’t add much more to the story other than some humor, but it’s a nice little touch.

What do you think of these underrated characters?

2 thoughts on “3 Underrated Characters in Movies”

  1. Great examples! To the frank old man, I would add the grandfather character (he has a name but I can’t remember it) in While You Were Sleeping, who sees through Lucy from the beginning and puts her on the right track. To the cute married couple, I would add the best friend and her husband in Two Weeks’ Notice who get engaged while helping Lucy protest the building demolition (just now realized that Sandra Bullock plays a character named Lucy in both of these! Weird). And I can’t think of a “random unimportant” character who smiles and glares, but I think that Mia’s friend Lilly steals the show several times in The Princess Diaries, the best of which is her “Not you. I don’t even know you!” line.

    1. Great examples! I didn’t think of any of those. I totally forgot about those first two. (And I guess Sandra Bullock looks like a Lucy…) Haha, yes, that’s one of my favorite lines by her.

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