The New Project (An Outline)

They say write about what you know. But I challenge you to write about what you want to know.

I want to go into marketing. So I’m reaching out to people who are doing just what I want to do.

Here’s my project for the month of December:
Interview five different startups about their marketing process, and compile the interviews into an eBook.

All five of the companies I will interview are in very different businesses, communities, and appeal to different age groups and backgrounds. They will have different tips, and I will come away from this experience with a greater knowledge of how the marketing industry works.

Since I want to go into marketing, I will need to have clear, concise, communication. What better way to improve on that skill than in talking to other people? I will be listening and learning from these marketing teams what makes a good marketer. I will be learning quickly and having to compile my thoughts into writing.

I’ve set weekly goals for myself this month so I can hit the ground running. Here’s a rough draft of my goals for each week:
By the end of week 1, I will have reached out to each startup to set up calls, have my interview questions written down, and a rough draft of how my eBook will be formatted.

I will interview two startups for week 2 and 3, and interview a third on one of those weeks (depending on scheduling). After each call, I will spend the rest of the week writing up and formatting the interviews into eBook form. I will also reach out to a couple of family members and friends to read over my draft and suggest edits.

By the end of week 4, I will have every interview done, written, formatted, edited and critiqued by a few of my trusted friends/advisors, and my eBook published.

My goals for each week may change as the month goes on and things move at a different speed than expected, but I will be giving a weekly blog post update so all of you can come along on this journey with me! I will also give updates and details onmy Instagram account if you’re interested in keeping up with me that way. I created a Facebook pageas well, where I will give daily marketing tips and quotes for the whole month of December, and updates on the eBook’s progress until it is published. 

I’m not worried about this project becoming a success. I already know I will be learning a lot, and growing from this experience. I know it will be worth whatever trouble I come across.
All the same, the biggest challenge I think I will face will be scheduling. I will be reaching out to everyone as soon as possible to ensure I will get each interview done in time.
I’ve also never published an eBook before, so there is a little bit of a learning curve. However, I have plenty of resources from Praxis to help, and I have a sister who self-published, so I’m not concerned about that area of the project.
I’m good at talking to people and listening to what they have to say. I will be bringing my skill of communication to the table when I am interviewing these startups. I am also creative, and a good writer, so my eBook will have a compelling writing style.

I believe I have the tools I need to complete the project quickly, efficiently and well. I’m looking forward to releasing my first writing to the world in just under a month!

Stay tuned for updates!

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