Pro-JECT: A Week Two Update

It is now the second week of December, and I’ve been working furiously on writing my eBook. Thus far, I have interviewed four of the five startups that will be included, and I scheduled the last one for tomorrow night. 

I learned a lot from interviewing these startups. I learned what questions got the best answers, and how to give good followup questions that may not have been on my list initially. I gained some great advice that I will be throwing your way in this book! 

I set up a Facebook pagethis past week, which gets daily likes, comments, and shares on almost all of my posts. I’ve enjoyed posting marketing tips and quotes on there every day (excluding Sunday) and sharing the eBook’s progress. I haven’t run a Facebook page before, but the analytical side of it is fascinating, and though I’m not running any ads for it right now, I’m learning about them, and how and why they work. I’m learning what kind of posts get the most attention, and which ones I can skip on doing.

I set aside time every day to work on my project. I spend an hour or two researching marketing to find good tips and quotes. After I finish my interviews, I transcribe the recording and edit it into a readable format. I’m currently working on Chapter 3 of 5 in the book, and plan to finish it and Chapter 4 today. (Each chapter is about a different startup and contains an individual interview with each of them.) 

This has been a challenging experience for me. I’ve never done a Facebook page. I’ve never written an eBook. I’ve never interviewed people before. And most importantly, I’ve never done actual marketing, with an actual product.

I love learning about what posts on Facebook work and which don’t; I love seeing what kind of questions get a good reaction from my interviewees and which don’t; I love getting an inside look on how a startup functions and what makes their company tick. 

This upcoming week, I will be sharing on Facebook about the startups I’m interviewing, and editing and formatting my eBook to prepare it for publishing. 

I’m excited to keep all of you updated on Pro-JECT’s progress!
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