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Yesterday, I published my eBook, Pro-JECT. That means I’m wrapping up on my December project, and all I have left is to continue marketing it here, on my Facebook page, and posting on the Facebook page.

If you’ve never written a book before, this post is for you. Because honestly?

You should write a book.

You really, really should.

Even if it’s something really short and simple, like my eBook.

I’m here to market to you exactly why you should publish a book, and also, why you should read mine.


You have to think creatively.
This is semi-obvious. Naturally writing a book is creative. But you may not realize just how creative it can be, especially if you’re doing something like my book. I interviewed five different startups about their marketing process for the eBook. That may not seem that creative; after all, most of it is just transcribing.

Well. Yes. Writing up my book was mostly just transcribing. But a lot more went into it than that.

For the interviews, I had to research various startups, come up with questions unique to each business, and actually perform an interview. Have you ever interviewed before? It’s not as easy as you think. You have to adjust to the person in front of you, changing questions and social tactics as needed. (I write more about how I interviewed and give a few tips on it in my eBook.)

Transcribing is also harder than you may think. You have to edit slightly what people say: You don’t change it, but you do consciously have to take out the um’s, so’s, you know’s, etc. Sometimes they ramble and while you can get good content out of that, you have to edit it a bit. This is tedious, and time-consuming, but oh-so-satisfying when done.


You have to learn about the publishing world.
This isn’t as hard as you might think. A lot of people could give up because it seems that publishing a book is just too hard. Honestly, it’s not. You’re stuck in the 20th century if you think it is. Self-publishing is super quick and easy to do.

Paperback copies of books obviously will take a little longer, but once I uploaded my eBook manuscript, it only took about 10-15 minutes to get it published. There is a processing period, but mine was less than 24 hours.

I usedAmazon’s Direct Kindle Publishing, which has options for paperback copies of books as well.


You have to plan.
This is super, super important. Especially if you have a deadline. If this isn’t a project assigned by someone else and you’re doing it on your own time, I highly recommend selecting a time frame for yourself. That will keep this book from getting tossed on the sidelines. I set a goal of interviewing two people every week, which I accomplished.

Tell others about it. Set weekly and daily goals for yourself. Create a Facebook page or an email campaign. All of these things will keep you accountable.

Figure out how much you can do each day and set aside time to do it. I set aside at least an hour each day to work on my project and posted on my Facebook page daily for this month. Find what works for you.


You will learn so much.
This past week, I learned a lot about what works on a Facebook page, and what doesn’t. I figured out my peak times, and what kind of posts are the most popular with my followers. I learned how to adjust my interviews for each person I interviewed, and how to roll with the punches once the interview started: some went shorter or way longer than expected, and I had to adjust.


If you want to know how to market, or how to interview, my eBook is for you.
Curious about marketing? Wondering what an interview might look like? I have an introduction to interviewing included inmy eBook, and the advice I got from these different startups about their marketing process. I guarantee that not only will you learn something, but you will also be inspired to market more yourself.

Next week as my final week for this project, I’m focusing on marketingmy eBookon the Facebook pageI’ve created, and adding more detail to my Amazon page for the eBook. I will also be writing a longer, more detailed post about this portfolio project. Since next week is Christmas, I planned to get ahead so I could take off a few days, and that’s exactly what I have done!

I hope you have enjoyed following this project. When you purchase the eBook, read it, and then please leave a review! Thanks for being with me on this journey.

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