Making a Connection is Hard — And Neccessary

If you don’t get the world to believe you care, you’re never going to make a difference. You have to make a connection. And you have to mean it.

In the digital world, you get one shot at a connection. It’s all or nothing. You can’t just create it out of thin air and hope that it plays on the heartstrings. You have to think about it, plan it, stage it out.

You can’t just create it: you have to find it. 

So, finding a connection.

How do you do that?


Knowing your audience. It’s the most overused and truest statement in writing I’ve ever heard. It’s true in marketing and in life. If you don’t know who your message is directed at, how can you market it? if you don’t know who will benefit from your message, how can you tell anyone about it? Consider who you want to see your message. And make sure what you’re writing about is actually relevant to them. 

My audience for this post is professionals, anywhere in their career and any walk of life. Because we all need to make connections.

Feeling the passion. Show how this product you’re selling has impacted you. Give them real-life scenarios of how what you’re suggesting they do really does affect your life. This piece of advice is purposefully abstract: I want you to consider what it looks like to you. What makes you passionate about what you do? Help others see that. 

Connections are the only way we can get through life.
You need connections to get ahead in your career.
You need connections to feel personally fulfilled.
Connections are necessary. 

Knowing what you want them to come away with. At the end of reading what you’ve written or using your product, how do you want people to feel? Compassionate? Inspired? Content? What kind of action do you want it to lead to? When you know what you want, let it end on that.

When you leave this post, I want you to feel inspired to go make more connections and pushed to consider those around you right now and how you connect with others. Let me know in the comments how I did.

Most importantly, you have to be real. Passion, knowledge: all of those things people can have without being real with you. But if you really want to connect with someone, you can’t make anything up; you have to be real. That shows people you really mean it.

This post was minimally edited from my own thoughts because I wanted to come across as real, passionate and unscripted as possible. Those are important qualities to me. 

I’ve been considering connections a lot recently. I find that I work best and most passionately when I connect well with others, which is one of the reasons I love my current job: I have a genuine connection with my coworkers. The human spirit is so easily inspired and easily crushed, and both of those things happen through connections. 

Make sure you’re creating a good one. 

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