Introduction to Me: How I’m Going to Be Different

I like to call myself a nonconformist.

I was homeschooled my whole life, which developed a love in me for the unusual, a love of growing, and a desire to learn. In sixth grade, I told my mom I wanted to do school by myself, and from then on through high school, I was in charge of my own education. This was my first step to becoming the independent and unconventional person that I am.
I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was really little, an obsession that lasted for a few years and was greatly encouraged by games like “Pet Vet” and “Animal Doctor” (I still have fond memories of both of those games). As I grew up, that desire changed and cutting into an animal, even to help it in some way, being less and less appealing. So I moved on.

Next, I wanted to be an actor for a while. But I soon realized I do not have that talent. I am too honest, straightforward and comfortable being myself to even dream of pretending to be someone else.

So I moved on to wanting being a singer, or musician of some kind, despite having no musical abilities. Even writing books was a fantasy for a time, but I soon discovered I did not possess the talent to write all that description.

That’s when a lightbulb turned on.
I had always loved films, especially the making of them. Even as a little kid, I wanted to watch all the behind the scenes videos, because it was so fascinating for me.

When I was twelve, I discovered The Lord of the Rings film series and its extensive special features. It was obvious: I wanted to be a filmmaker.

I love to challenge people to work and do better. Thus, movie director is a perfect choice.

Cameras and technology hold a special fascination for me. Producer of films: check.

Creative stories, taken from my experiences, people I’ve known and places gives me something unique to show the world. So I will be a writer.

Filmmaking is not conventional. There is so much need for creativity in the filmmaking world. How many movie cliches can you name off the top of your head?

Probably a lot.
These are things we filmmakers need to avoid. We need to constantly come up with something new to appeal to the audience. Give them something new. Something interesting. That’s what the audience of the entertainment world wants.

So I will be unconventional. I will be an independent filmmaker.
(You can take a gander at my start at this by watching the videos on my YouTube channel)

This much was obvious by the time I was a teenager. But I didn’t know where to go next.

In high school, I decided that I didn’t want to go to college. The amount of debt I would accumulate just by being in a building for four years was not worth it to me. I knew I wanted to become a filmmaker, but I didn’t know how I would accomplish that. All I knew was that college wouldn’t get me there. I wouldn’t be able to make films if I was dragged down by all the money I owed a school.

This is when I discovered Praxis.

It fit perfectly. My desire to learn, grow and be challenged. My unconventional mindset, and my desire to be independent and take control of my own career.
All of this I could follow.
I’m being true to myself while still challenging myself.

I will gain skills in the professional world like I never have before, and that is beyond exciting for me. I can’t wait to find out where this path is going to take me.

This is how I am going to be different. This is how I’m going to continue to be unconventional.
And with this blog, I’m going to take all of you on this ride with me.

So let’s go.

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