How To Decide On The Job Role That’s Right For You

Is there a certain job role in a business that just seems incredibly glamorous to you? Maybe you want to be on the marketing team; maybe sales sounds fulfilling. Maybe it’s operations calling your name.

Think of whatever job role you want to be in. Don’t hold anything back. Think of your dream role.

How would you get there?

And once you get there… do you know you would like it there?

It’s all well and good to say that a certain role would fix your life problems and finally make you feel like you love your job while you’re in a role you hate. But have you ever really thought about what kind of work goes into the role you want?

Do you know you really want that role? Have you researched it?

That’s what I did this past week.

My Research

I want to go into marketing; specifically, video marketing. Before I started asking people left and right about that field, I considered my past three jobs. I wrote down what I loved and what I disliked about them. I found three common themes in what I liked: Working with others, organization, and presenting a product I believe in. So I framed a few questions to give people to see if marketing has these traits:

In your marketing role, do you tend to work with a lot of different people?
In your marketing role, do you tend to have an organized environment or is it more chaotic?
In your marketing role, do you find it easier to market a product you believe in, and do you think that’s an important factor to consider when marketing something?

How I Got Info

I went onto LinkedIn and searched for anyone in a video marketing role. I reached out to a lot of people who were just in marketing in general as well. I asked to connect with 20 different people. 12 of them said yes. I messaged each of those twelve with a question (or two if they were open to it after the first question) about marketing. As of today, eight of those twelve have responded.

What I Learned
First question: Do you work with a lot of different people?

I had three responders. One said he worked with lots of different people; one said she worked alone mostly, and the third said it depends on the company. I really liked her response: Honestly, I don’t know if marketing is any better or worse than anything else in terms of the number of personal relationships between coworkers. That seems to be a you-get-out-what-you-put-in thing.” Good to know!


Second question: do you have an organized environment or is it more chaotic?

I had four responses. The general consensus: It really depends on the organization you work for. However, all of them mentioned that you have a lot of different components in your work and therefore organization is involved in your role. Three specifically said “attention to detail” is needed in marketing.
I seem to be going in the right direction then so far!

Third question: Is it easier to market a product that you believe in, and do you think that’s an important factor to consider when marketing something?

I had two answers to this one. Both of them agreed that it isn’t necessary to be passionate about the product, although it does help. One mentioned that it’s more important to be working for a company you like with a team environment that’s good for you. The other pointed me to sales instead of marketing for the personal satisfaction factor (more on that in the next point)

How That Affected My Decision

I considered sales back at the beginning of my Praxis journey. I eventually decided on marketing because the focus seemed to fit my personality better. Looking at what is important to me helped me consider marketing more properly. And now, I’ve decided again, I’m still going with marketing. But I will take these notes:


Marketing can be organized. While it’s not always the case, and things can always get chaotic when a lot of projects are going on, marketing can still be organized. I can find a place that has order in the midst of the chaos of a startup.
Go for a role where I’ll have a team. I don’t want to work alone all the time. While I don’t mind having my own projects, I find myself becoming discouraged or lost if I’m alone in something for too long. Even just being able to talk to someone about what I’m doing helps me to focus. I find it encouraging. Looking for a team in my marketing role is important.
Make sure to go with a company I believe in. It’s important to me to work somewhere that I can feel like what I’m doing is good, right and ultimately makes me a better person. And all of those come from a work culture I believe in and am passionate about.


I challenge you to go out and try what I did. Reach out to people who are in the job role you want to be in. Take notes.

Through this experience, I found my curiosity piqued, my social skills improved by reaching out to strangers, and a collection of knowledge I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t done this.

What could you find?

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