How to Come Up With Something to Write About

It happens. Inspiration runs dry.

I did a 30-day blogging challenge where I had to post a blog post publicly, every single day. Around when week three hit, I was out of ideas. I was bored, annoyed, and frustrated. I had become discouraged.

Inspiration resides in everything. But you still have to pull it out. It’s easy to say that you can find inspiration in everything, but how do you actually do the finding?

This is what this post is for.

I’m here to give you a few tips on how you can find that ever elusive friend, inspiration. Thinking about these things is how I found that friend. 

1: Think about what you do.

What is your job? What lies in that description? What are your activities in your day to day life? No matter what it is that you do, there is something that is going to be uniquely you. You have a new look, a new something to talk about and show the world. 

Maybe you think you don’t do anything unique. You have an average job, average life. Okay. Then, what’s a unique perspective on that? What’s a different approach to the office dynamic? The experience of a 9 to 5? How can you take what’s average and make it something new?

2. Think about who you are.

What are your basic beliefs? What shows off your human qualities? How are you growing in an area in your life? Maybe you’re sick of how people see you. So write about how you’re different from the typical person in your age group, your life stage, your city. Whoever you are, you’re different from every single one of the other seven billion people on this planet. So write about who that person is. 

3. Think about where you want to be and where you want to go.

What city do you want to live in? Write about that. What country holds a special place in your heart and why? Write about that. If you could drop everything and go live in another country for four years, would you do it? What country would you go to? How would you make it in that different culture?

4. Think about who you want to be.

What are you aspiring to be? Write about how you’re going to become that person. Then come back later and write about how you are that person now. 

5. And think about how you have come to be who you are now.

What is your story? Who has influenced your life? What has made a difference in how you relate to the world around you? Write about your past and how it has shaped you.


Whatever you do in your writing, be sure to make it interesting and unique. 

Ask yourself this question before you publish:

Would you read this blog post if you found it on the internet?

And if not… go work on it until you would. 

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